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Welllllllll... I'm not moving... yet.

If you follow me on tiktok, or read my last blog post, you'd know that I was VERY much thinking I was going to move and get out of LA. But as fate will have it, I am not. If you want to know the full story, I explain it all here.

I definitely wallowed a bit, but I've decided to look at this rejection as a good thing. Rejection means redirection and I'm deciding that my redirection means the universe was like "whhhooooaa nelly, I had something WAY better for you in store! Just wait a bit longer and you'll see! You will be so happy once it comes."

So for now I'm staying put. I'm reaching out here and there and keeping my eye open on possible apartments, but I feel like I can go about this whole "ready to move" process a bit slower, I don't need to rush it. Truth be told, it did feel like it was moving a bit fast and my anxiety was through the roof.

I feel like I'm really checking in with myself more now too, instead of making choices out of fear or necessity, I'm trying to take pause and ask myself, "what do you really want?" I do want ease, yes of course, but I also want adventure, but not in an international sense, in a sense of "wake up!! this is your life, you can literally make it whatever you want it to be!!"

So for now I'm trying to define that for myself, what do I want my life to be? At least for the next couple of years or so. Once you put the fear to bed, it's kinda exciting, getting to design your life.


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