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Decorating  Services

Decorating services, available locally and remotely within the US.

Whether you're looking to create a little more cohesion in your space with things you already own, looking for a few thrifted pieces, you have an idea in mind but need a little help creating a mood board, or you're starting fresh with a blank slate and need help with everything from sourcing to styling. See below for the services I offer and if you don't see something that fits what you're looking for shoot me an email and we'll try to work something out.

Recent Project: Sandhill Cottage

Sandhill Cottage

Starting with a blank slate, I first created a mood board for each room of my cottage via Pinterest encapsulating not only the physical look I wanted for this space, but also the feeling I wanted for this home. From there I visited many thirft stores, did a few DIY projects, and after about a month my home started to come to life. 


With the bedroom I knew I wanted it to tie into that cozy cottage feeling, while still creating a light dreamy space with minimal distractions for quality sleep. I chose to splurge on the bed, but since everything else was going to be thrifted, the project was still within budget. The bed is also a main piece and where the eye goes first in this space, so details like the wood feet, wingback headboard, and linen material all mattered in order to create this dreamy feeling.

With room to add more art, I knew that the main piece was going to be a painting that I made a few months ago. I had it matted with a dreamy blue matte that ties back to the color of the painting and also other blue details in the bedroom to keep that consistent line of seaside coziness throughout without shouting "BEACH COTTAGE."

For the nightstand I knew I wanted something with storage since this space is really small and needs all the extra storage space it can get. It was a little scuffed up with wear and tear, but I personally like that it doesn't look perfect. It has an organic feeling to it which I like, but if that ever changes I could easily sand down and apply a fresh coat of paint. 

Designing into what you have versus what you want can be helpful when renting a space. That's something I had to remember with my kitchen.

Of course we'd all love the cozy charming kitchen with brass faucets and a window over the sink, however, that isn't a reality for everyone, especially people who rent.

The kitchen was a little hard for me at first. Because I'm renting and I cant change appliances like the oven/stove and faucet/etc, so I had to work with what I have. The base felt a little more modern than I'd personally gravitate towards, however after a bit of styling and bringing in some natural wood pieces, it started to warm up in a way that felt reflective of the style throughout the rest of the space.


I used to think that adding more (chairs, decor, art, etc) to a space would make it feel smaller, cluttered, and more busy. However, I've learned over the years that that isn't always the case. Sure, sometimes less is more, but I think it's room and context dependent. For example I like to keep bedrooms a little less busy, but that's because you sleep there and sometimes a busy room can equal a busy mind. However, that doesn't mean there shouldnt be details that add charm and coziness.

In the past I may have thought adding extra chairs to this small space would make it feel cramped, however, it adds extra seating making the space not only feel more inviting, but also more complete. 

Layering lighting also really helps bring a space to life... An extra floor lamp or candle to create a homey ambiance instead of opting for the built in overhead lights.



This service is for people who see a space they like and say "ooo I like that!" but aren't sure what about it they like, or aren't sure how to pick apart the pieces that they want to incorporate in their own space (or if it would even work in their space). After a quick consult call, I'll build you a mood board with your space as the foundation while singling out items that could work in your space.


Decorating is a great option if you already have a vision/mood board in mind, but need help finding items to bring it to life. This could include existing items that you already own, adding more to the mix via thrifting, or sourcing locally/online. I will also advise you on how to style these pieces if you're remote, or come help you IRL if you're local!


You have a vision, a mood board and a blank or semi furnished space, but you just need help decorating it. I will source pieces for you to bring those mood boards alive that work within your budget. This can be done remotely or locally. This can be full scale (a whole space) or just a few pieces (vases, lamps, table decor, etc). 


This option is great for people who don't want to spend money on new things, but need help understanding how to organize furniture and decor in their space in order to make the most of it.

So excited to possibly work together! Please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you shortly.

Full Service

This option is great if you're starting with a blank slate or want to completely re decorate a space. We'll start with a consult call and go over what you're inspo is, if there are any existing pieces you want to incorporate, if you have a goal date to have the project completed by, and whether you're local or remote. Once we have the details sorted we'll get a game plan in place and begin with a mood board, then move into gathering, followed by styling. 

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So excited to possibly work together! Please fill out this Google Form and I will be in touch shortly!

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