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Week of July 3rd - Things I'm oozing over

Almost been a month of this series (basically a field notes to my whats been inspiring me, but its really just a recap of articles, videos, shops, images, etc that have caught my eye this week), but I failed to post last week! TBH, not much was catching my eye/inspiring me... it was a weird week. But that means this week has extra oomf, so enjoy x 2!

No. 1 - Shells

If you know me well, or have a good eye, you know I have a shell tattoo on my wrist (a major stress/homesick moment finals week in college type of decision), grew up next to the coast, and grew up sea combing the sand for goodies and treasures. All that to say, having shells inspire me is not new news... but what is new is a pinterest board I started that I keep adding to and it has many shell inspired items (see below for a few really cool ones). I also post some art, jewelry, photos, etc... anything that feels like the sea.

No. 2 - Chrome/silver accessories

I'm sure many of you have seen chrome art and decor, but I have really been enjoying chrome/silver accessories for random daily items that don't really neeeeeeeed an item, but are just there to spice up life. See a few of my faves below (all found on pinterest, not sure where the matchbox is from, but the pillbox can be found here)

No. 3 - Butter Bells

I've recently landed on butter bell-tok, and yes I know, the butter box in the photo is not a butter bell, but I do really love this butter box and consider it butter bell-adjacent. This one is from Lifestory, which I had never heard of before, but glad I stumbled upon it via Pinterest (ofc).

No. 4 - Mini balcony/patio makeovers

It's summer and we want to be outside!! But also want to be at home because home is where the heart is lol. Until the day comes when I have a huge yard and garden, I will be grateful for at least having a mini balcony attached to my apartment. With that, I have been inspired by tiny space balcony makeovers and thinking it might be time to put some deeper effort into mine. My balcony unfortunately faces a very busy street, so I don't often feel inclined to hangout on it, but thinking if I made it feel special that motivation may change. I also don't have the right chairs (they're really low and wide and meant for more of a backyard space) out there or a table set up so I think that also might be why. Sarah's (@sarahchappellhorton on tiktok) patio is definitely a lot bigger than my skinny lil patio, but it still is providing all the inspo and hope for my own makeover!

No. 5 - Ceramic keep cups

I recently got a gorgeous yummy beautiful package (can see it all here) from Round House that included the funnest (not a word, but making it one for now) mermaid dinner party themed dinnerware! While I'm stoked and so excited about that, I'm also extremely loving my ceramic keep ups that I got from them too! Before the panni-d I was really good about bringing a keep cup with me when I went to go get coffee, but then during the pandemic they didn't allow it so I got out of habit and I'm not proud to say that I never got back into habit of bringing one (although I usually make coffee at home or just enjoy it at the cafe, but still). So day one of having this mug I wake up excited to go grab a coffee at the coffee shop to use my keep cup and then it motivates me to keep walking around the neighborhood (whilst listening/crying to the new Speak Now TV album) and furthermore then motivated me to do a Sami Clarke workout (have been really slacking on working out so this kicked my booty) at home.... I mean, the power of a mug is WILD! Anyway, there are like 5 "oozing over" items within just this one paragraph so I'll sign it off here, but all that to say if you're feeling a lack of motivation, grab yourself a keep cup that you'll actually use and give someone else your old freebie that you got from some event that just sits on the back of the shelf collecting dust.

xx, until next week




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