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June 30th-July 6th weekly recap: Beach days, patio dinners, and garden explorations

Hello friends! I've decided to start a new blog post series, a weekly recap. No, it's not original, but also no, it's not what you're probably thinking. It's not a post diving into how my week went or what I did (not exactly), but a place to break down all the questions I've gotten throughout the week whether it be in DM's or comments/etc. I do try to write back to everyone, but sometimes there are many many DM's/comments with the same questions so it is easier to answer in mass and I realized having it all stored in one spot to later reference, rather than only on ig stories where it goes away after 24 hrs, could be of use! I'll also share links to items in my posts (although I do also do this in my ShopMy) and if there is no link I'll provide alternate ideas, inspiration, or tips for thrifting/hand making your own. Please bear with me as I figure out the format and release date of these posts!

Sunday, June 30th

  • Post of the day: Everybody's got their little slice of heaven

    • The irony of this post is that when I was a young kid I didn't realize how lucky I was to have grown up where I did, being a kid I think thats forgivable. In high school I started to realize how pretty it was, but couldn't wait to leave. During college I appreciated coming home, but never thought I'd want to live there again. After college I lived in many different cities, different countries even, and still never thought I'd want to move back closer to home. Now I'm back (ish.. ) and happier than ever. What did it take to make me realize how much I love this area? 4 years of living and working in LA (LA has its moments, but it just wasn't a good match for me). I have so much gratitude for this land, the friends I've made here, the friends I've reconnected with, and the future this place holds.

Monday, July 1st

  • Post of the day: A visit to Gamble Gardens

    • Gamble garden is such an unexpected pocket of joy in the middle of Palo Alto. Every corner I turned while I was there I could just envision a wedding or celebration (a quince was actually in prep mode while I was there). There is a main house, a back house, the sheds/greenhouses (for staff only), and of course the different gardens. I believe it's mostly run by volunteers, which is quite amazing, but not hard to believe! If I lived closer I would definitely volunteer to work there a couple hours a week. It's super peaceful and I'm sure you'd learn so much about plants and gardening. If you're in the area I recommend a visit.

Tuesday, July 2nd

  • Post of the day: Summertime patio dinners

    • Lil appreciation moment for the warm evenings and being able to enjoy meals outside.

    • My dad and I, but mostly my dad, made this soup together when I was with him the other week. Not taking moments like this for granted. Truly being grateful for the ability to cook a healthy tasty meal for ourself and/or loved ones is really something to pause and appreciate.

Wednesday, July 3rd

  • Post of the day: Slow summer days

    • I got a few questions about my bathing suit, it was from Pacsun last year so they no longer make it, but try using the search "strawberry bikini" and I'm sure you'll find loads of cute options!

    • I got many questions whether in my DM's & comments asking where my bedding is from. My bedding has taken me YEARS to collect from various places and now I really do love my collection of linens. I do encourage you to take time to collect your own unique sets over time, however if you do want to purchase a piece from my collection I have linked as much as I can here. Not everything still has a link as not everything is still being sold. I've linked alternates when possible.

    • Another question asked was where my patio set is from. This was another labor of love that took me months to thrift. The table is just old ikea that I thrifted years ago, but the chairs were something I had been searching for for months ever since I moved here. I found them at Last Chance Mercantile in Marina and I found the cushions separate Home Goods a few months later after searching for weeks. If you're in the market for something similar you could try using the search terms "wrought iron" or "white iron patio chair" on secondhand marketplaces. If you're looking to buy new, I've linked a set from Business & Pleasure in the garden tab in my ShopMy here. I think they are so cute and give off the same vibe. They're definitely a splurge, but I think they'll last a lifetime with their classic style if you don't have the patience for second hand shopping.

    • I was also asked where my outfit was from -- top thrifted and the rest is linked!

    • I also got a few DM's asking me what beach I went to and to please not "gatekeep." This beach was the Monterey State Beach. I usually do not share my location online for my own personal safety, not to "gatekeep" a location. Once I'm gone I will go back and add in the location or sometimes I add it to the hashtags, but I just am weird about geotags and sharing my location in real time, I hope you can understand and respect that. I also do not share a location online if it is a private property or someones special oasis, we all have those and I hope you can respect that if it is not a publicly known spot I do not want to uproot a safe space. In those instances, I encourage you to explore and stumble upon your own hidden gems as well :)

Thursday, July 4th

  • Post of the day: Shameless summer selfie

    • Spent the day at the river (Carmel Valley River, this exact spot is near a friends property so for their privacy I am not including a geotag, but there are many public access points to the river if you search it on google maps) enjoying fresh fruit, sandwiches, a light spritz, good music, and crisp fresh water dips.

    • I didn't share too much of this day online, but I did snap a selfie before I left, in which I dawned my summer mermaid jewelry and some hair braids. I'm not sure why but once summer hits I usually wear more jewelry, especially when going to the beach/lake/river. It just feels like the right thing to do in mermaid season!

    • Outfit details:

      • The green necklace was one I made, but the sea star necklace was from Few Moda, I think they're out of stock, but if they restock I'll add a link to this post and my ShopMy.

      • Shorts

      • Top was a thrift find (old Target, quality used to be so good)

      • Earrings were a couple years old from Etsy, but the artist doesn't make that style anymore. Similar options here.

    • A few people asked where my chairs are from, they are linked here.

Friday, July 5th

  • Post of the day: No post on Friday!

  • Had a chill at home day and did a 5.5 mile walk along the coast. It was so warm out and so many people were swimming in the ocean, I was super tempted to jump in but I didn't bring my suit with me on my walk. I did sit to enjoy the warm, yet crisp, ocean air for a while though. When I got home I was super hungry so I got a huge veg burger and fries to go from a local brewery and went home to eat it while watching "the invention of lying" which I had never seen before but I enjoyed! It had a good cast and was a "makes you think" type of film while also being lighthearted and cute.

Saturday, July 6th

  • Post of the day: Summer I Turned Pretty

    • Lots of people have left comments on my videos saying something to the likes of "your bedroom is giving TSITP" or "TSITP vibes" so I made a little video that reflected these comments. Such a compliment as that series (books and tv) is a vibeeee.

    • As always, I got questions about my bedding. It's from a bunch of different places and I've been patiently collecting it all for years, whats available is always linked in my ShopMy, however I do encourage you to create your own fun collection of bedding and to take your time to find pieces that work with your space.

    • I also got questions on this post, and a few others, with people saying "come design my room" or "help me with my space" and I never know if people are just commenting that or if they're seriously asking for help, but I do offer design consultations. You can find more info on my website under "decorating services", linking here.

  • I shared in stories that day that I was looking for plant recs that do well in shady spots that are gopher repellent! Here are some of the responses I got for those who asked me to share them:

    • Hostas

    • Bleeding Hearts/Dicentra

    • Alpine Bush Mint

    • Sea Heart Brunneral

    • Azalea /Rhododendron

    • Lavender

    • Coleus

    • Coral Bells/Heucheras

    • Begonias

    • Impatiens

    • Hydrangeas

    • Geraniums

    • Ferns

    • Sweet Box

    • Blue Fescue

    • Reed Grasses

One thing I want to clarify is that sometimes what I post is in real time, but other times it's something I had recorded on another day and am just choosing to randomly share it (especially if its something location specific, I don't like sharing my location in real time on the internet). I'm only sharing this to break the illusion that every day is some dreamy day. These are just glimpses into parts of my life and is by no means how my whole life looks or how my actual week was spent. The way I'm breaking down the "week" above is by breaking down what I post day by day, not actually how that day in reality was spent (sometimes, yes, but also sometimes no). I hope that makes sense and brings us all back to reality a little bit!

That's it for this week, see you next week!




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