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It's happening, for real this time!

I'm actually finally moving!! For real! I feel a bit like the girl who cried wolf, but the lease is signed, the boxes are packed and the dates are set. It has been a whirlwind few months, but I'm so happy to finally be here.

When moving, it feels like all decisions have to be made FAST, and I am either a make a decision spur the moment on the spot no thinking about it kinda gal; orrrr I need to, bare minimum, sleep on it and take a long walk while I think about it kinda gal. With this decision, I was given a few hours to confirm or deny the apartment. That is the absolute worst amount of time for me lol. It gives me just enough time to think about how great it could be, but also how much of a mistake it could be, without being able to sleep on it and check in with my gut in the AM.

After many cries to my wonderful friend, sister, and self (mostly due to stress of decision making, and a bit of grieving an ending chapter, no matter how much I DID want it to end, I was just processing) I accepted the apartment and decided to move from LA to Monterey, CA. Later that day I realized that for less than a year I had my tiktok bio read "pretending my apartment is a seaside cottage" and now I'm moving into a seaside cottage. I was manifesting my reality without even realizing it.

It's funny because when I didn't get the spot in Berkley I felt so defeated and just let go of trying to control the outcome (I felt stuck and just sat in it), and as soon as I did that, everything started to fall into place, better than I could have imagined it. The universe is so (sometimes painfully) sneaky that way.

I'm super excited for this next chapter of slower pace life, not just me living slower, but all around me as well. I think that was something that I struggled with in LA, even thought I was living a slower paced life, everything around me was bustling with so much "go go go, do do do" energy and I just constantly felt so out of place. I'm excited to be in a place that matches the energy I've been craving.

I'm also so excited for the nature. The trees, the ocean, the beaches... everything is just more raw up north. I'll also be closer to family and that's a big bonus for me as well.

As excited as I am to decorate this new cottage, I'm also excited to do more LIFE. I feel like even though there's so much to do in LA, I rarely did anything. Part of me was overwhelmed with all of it, but part of me just hated the traffic and driving in LA lol. I do much better with a 2 lane highway than a 6 lane freeway lol (as I type this one of those obnoxiously loud cars just drove by, and all I can think is "only a few more days of this noise"). I think being out of a city will ironically allow me to actually do more with my days. Maybe its because it's more stuff that aligns with my energy, not sure. But I'm just excited to live a little bit more.

I will be posting allllllll the decor updates on tiktok, but for now I've started a Pinterest (and wishlist/shop list) for the cottage and hoping that centers my vision a little bit too. Not only am I saving pins that are the type of interior I'll be pulling inspo from for the cottage, but also saving recipes I want to cook there, the overall feeling I want this chapter of life to hold, and the style of clothes I'd like to wear.... Really leaning into manifesting this whole chapter of life by showing what the universe "this is it!!!" and then letting go and allowing it to do it's thing.

Eeeeeeep! Less than a month xx


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