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Describing my style

Describing my style always feels like a challenge because I feel as if it’s ever changing and evolving (I actually wrote a different blog post all about labeling your style and the pros and cons that come with it!). I think there’s a challenge that comes with assigning yourself a style because it can be a deeply personal thing to do, and not everyone lives in their dream apartment/house/home, and if you’re designing into your current location/home (which I think is always best if you can), it might not be a canvas that reflects your personal style. With that said, one of the things I did look for when hunting out this apartment was a canvas, so to speak, that would reflect my current style and so I have been able to let that aid my stylistic choices. 

The words “English cottage,” “seaside cottage,” and “Nancy Meyer’s vibe” have all been used in comments on social media to describe my home. Personally, I think I’m leaning into French country with a hint of shabby chic, collected coastal, and possibly some traditional elements too (but again, it’s ever evolving). I love mixing and matching styles, instead of going all in on one style, I think that (plus sourcing furniture with character) is what adds uniqueness to a space… don’t be shy to put your own spin on an existing style or blend multiple styles into your space.

It took me many years of testing and trying out many different styles to finally find my “for me” style. Of course my style will also overlap with some other people, but I finally stopped trying to decorate for them, and instead I decorated my space for me. That was really when I started flowing when it came to design, it didn't feel forced anymore. It felt easeful when thinking about my space once I decided to lean into what I personally liked instead of guessing at what was "cool" or doing what others were doing or trying to pick out what someone else might like. Some things in my home will be “in trend” though because I think classic styles always repeat themselves as a trend (trends come from somewhere, right?). What’s important though is that you’re creating your space for yourself, not to stay ‘up to date’ or to impress others... but hey if you love your home and that passion comes through, you probably will be impressing people haha.

Until next time,

xx Rose


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