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Dreamy places to stay in central/northern CA

Over the last few months I've gotten a few DM's with people asking me if I have any recommendations for places to stay in in mid/northern CA. I have had a few saved on my "staycations" list for a while now and dream about going to all of them some day! With that said, I cant vouch for the experience, but they sure do look dreamy:

  • Le Petit Pali - I've stayed at the Pali Hotel in San Diego, and LOVED it, but the one in Carmel looks so cute too!

  • Seven Gables Inn - Every time I walk past this inn my heart skips a beat! I can only image how magical it would feel waking up here and enjoying a coffee in their beautiful rooms.

  • Sea Ranch Lodge - The views the views the views... I don't think I'd ever want to leave. Such a dreamy peaceful oasis.

  • Mission Ranch Hotel - If waking up to views of the ocean in the distance and sheep in your front yard are ideal to you this will be a dream come true. I've been to their restaurant which overlooks that exact view and it is such a peaceful environment. It's also in a great location as it's close to Big Sur and Carmel/Monterey, but it's tucked away so it's not in the hustle/bustle of tourism.

  • Cozy Riverview Cottage - I was looking for a place to stay with a few friends for a gals trip and stumbled upon this gem! It only has one bedroom, so it ended up not being the best location for a girls trip, but it would be great for a romantic getaway or even a solo trip!

  • San Ysidro Ranch - This one is not in northern CA, but it's too good to not include as it's been on my wishlist for years now. It just looks like you're walking into a whole world built by Nancy Meyers, what a dream!

I'm sure I will add more to my list as they days go on so stay tuned for more! I've also gotten many requests to share favorite spots in the area for dinner/drinks, so stay tuned for that list as well! It will be a lengthy one.

Until next time,

xx Rose


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