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Favorite places to go around town

I recently shared a video featuring a little weekend outing around town and had a lot of people DM me asking where these places were and for the names of the shops. I figured it would be easiest to have all that info in one spot which shares all that information plus a few other fave spots.

Please remember to be kind and respectful to staff, locals, and the environments you visit if/when you do choose to visit. If visiting a trail or beach please pick up after yourself, do not leave trash in nature, and do not interact with or disturb the local wildlife.

Coffee shops to visit:

  • Earthbound Farm Stand - Known for their produce, Earthbound also has a little farm stand and coffee shop tucked into Carmel Valley. Their property offers a flower field, herb garden, a variety of picnic tables and oversized Adirondack chairs, and they also have a kid friendly play zone if you have little ones. They offer occasional events and classes which are shared on their instagram page.

  • Radici Market - Behind their Country Store, you'll find a little coffee shop that has a very cute gift shop, pastries, and great sandwiches. They have a mini chicken coop, kid-friendly play zone, and host occasional events like line dancing or trivia at night.

  • Stationaery - Tucked within the walls of Carmel By The Sea, you'll find a cute a spot to rest and enjoy a coffee (or a meal, the grilled cheese and tomato soup is heavenly especially after a long hike or day at the beach).

Relaxing spots for a glass of wine:

  • Earthbound - As mentioned above, they offer coffee and food, but they also offer a selection of wine to enjoy as takeaway or on their grounds. I easily spend hours sitting around their grounds enjoying their flower fields, herb gardens, and cafe stand.

  • Folktale - This winery looks and feels like a fairytale! Their wine selection is delightful as well. I recommend booking a reservation in advance.

  • Cowgirl Winery - Tucked in the valley you'll find Cowgirl Winery which is magical in so many ways. They have beautiful gardens to enjoy, a lovely list of wine, and fabulous music choices.

  • Mission Ranch - At the edge of Carmel By The Sea you'll find Mission Ranch which overlooks a beautiful field of grazing sheep and the ocean in the far distance.

Places to hike/walk:

  • Point Lobos - when visiting a state park, please make sure to stay on marked trails and keep noise low to not disturb local wildlife. Point Lobos is a beautiful stretch of nature that has incredible views and many trails to choose from.

  • Lovers Point - The walking/biking trail that stretches along Pacific Grove never fails to amaze me. It's so beautiful and a lovely area to go for a walk. Please remember to keep voices low if local wildlife is around and please pick up after yourself.

  • Walking up and down Monterey beach - Walking on the beach from Seaside to Monterey is a lovely way to start or end the day while admiring the rocks and shells that wash up along the shore.

  • I love just driving up highway one and peeling off (when safe to do so) to a look out or walking along a marked trail.

That's it for now, more recs and adventures to come.




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