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Hi!   I’m    Rose     Adele

For as long as I can remember I've been decorating, redecorating and designing spaces to feel like a home.

It started when I was quite young, maybe 5, and would create little houses out of old shoes boxes and tape (lotssss of tape). Ever since, I've always fixated on creating a home within a space. Whether it's a temporary solution (like when I was living out of a suitcase throughout Sri Lanka), something shared (many shared spaces with roommates through college and after college), or something all for myself (my first ever 300 ft studio apartment in Portland or my old apartment in LA or my current cottage in Monterey). 

I've always been the friend who has people come over and immediately start looking around to see what I've changed since they've last been there (maybe I've moved the stack of books to a new nook or I've changed my bedding to something with patterns). The phrase "oh thats different!" is not uncommon in this household.

My love of decorating and design goes very well with my love for thrifting. I've had some amazing finds throughout the years, from bigger pieces (my whole living room is basically thrifted) to smaller nick nacks that really tie the room together (candle holders and picture frames are always hard to walk away from at a thrift shop).

Once I graduated from shoebox/tape houses, I started reorganizing my own room and begged to paint it way too frequently. And since leaving home after high school I have lived in a total of 15 places (some might find that exhausting, I found it thrilling). These have been rooms all over the world... from Australia, to Sri Lanka, to Portland OR, throughout LA, and now in Monterey. Getting to move around so much has given me a lot of practice in turning a space into a home with items I already own, thrift or invest in. It's also allowed me to try and try again, to find my style (something that is ever evolving and will never be permanently 'found'), and to learn how to get creative within the limitations of renting (one day I hope to be a home owner, but for now I'm grateful for what I have).

I started this blog because I love creating spaces, creating moments within those spaces, sharing it with others, and (hopefully) inspiring others to create within their space too.