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hiya, im rose adele

For as long as I can remember I've been decorating, redecorating and designing spaces to feel like a home.

It started when I was quite young, maybe 5, and would create little houses out of old shoes boxes and tape (lotssss of tape). Ever since, I've always fixated on creating a home within a space. Whether it's a temporary solution (like when I was living out of a suitcase throughout Sri Lanka), something shared (many shared spaces with roommates through college and after college), or something all for myself (my first ever 300 ft studio apartment in Portland or my old apartment in LA or my current cottage in Monterey). 


featured in:

My home and I were featured in Apartment Therapy!

She's a published gal! Wild to think that last year I was pinning Apartment Therapy on my vision board, and this year I'm on in their emails and on their website with my own home tour! Grateful for this opportunity.

apartment therapy

Image by Leela Cyd for Apartment Therapy


explore art and more

I go through waves of creating, as many of us do. Sometimes it's painting, sometimes it's weaving, ceramics, jewelry... you get the picture. I've decided to start selling these items, which will come in spurts, so that they're out in the world and enjoyed. I used to view project hopping as a negative trait I held, but now I view it as me just trying to explore and soak in as much of the world, arts, and creative juices as I can. Cheers.
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