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writing to fairies

When I was little I used to write to my fairies every night. They would write back and sometimes leave little gifts from the fairy world. After a few years of this I found out my family members took turns being “my fairies.” I look back at that time fondly. I had no doubt my fairies were real. And recently I’ve been thinking, who knows, why not, they could be? Whether it’s the fairy spirit that lives within us or actually fairies (yes, I still hold out hope), it comforting to think about. When I have hard days I like to envision my fairies flying invisibly around me, keeping me safe, knowing they’d never guide me off path and that they’re leading me to something fantastic. It brings me comfort.

I'm going to start a section in this blog called "writing to fairies" where I'm going to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas with my fairies, my guiding little friends with wings. Should you choose to read along with them, I hope you find comfort and a sense of feeling seen, so many of us feel so alone in our thoughts which is a big bummer because I've found that so many of us are truly feeling and thinking such similar things.

Excited to explore this journey together.




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