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I'm moving (or at least manifesting that I am)

The time has come to end my LA chapter and move onto my next. I am actually writing this before my rental application is approved, but I'm writing this post now in hopes that it is (manifesting it!!!).

I moved to LA at the end of 2019 for work, which ended up being one of the worst possible times to move to a new city where you don’t know anybody (cue worldwide pandemic and lock down). I’m not sure if it was bad luck, timing, or just the city in general, but I never truly felt at home in LA. I’ve made my apartment feel like home, but as soon as I step outside of my apartment, I feel very lost in this city. While I’ve made some great friends here and have some wonderful memories, it’s time for me to move forward with my life instead of just staying stagnant in it.

The apartment that I have applied for, or if we stick with the manifesting talk, am moving into caught my eye immediately when I was looking for apartments (for monthhhssss). I had been looking all over the country, feeling very lost as to where I would go next but I just knew that when I saw the right apartment I wouldn’t know that that’s where I needed to move. This move is going to take me to Berkeley California so somewhat back to my roots, although on the opposite side of the bridge. I’m really looking forward to being closer to family and good friends and in a city that I somewhat know how to navigate. I’m also really looking forward to being closer to the nature that brings my soul alive.

The apartment thats calling to me is absolutely stunning and has details that make me so happy when I look at them, I keep refreshing the apartment listing just to look at them. I can really see the art of creating being a really fulfilling thing for me in this apartment. I just see it as the right move even though I don’t really know why yet, and so I’m choosing to follow that inkling.

Something that made me have a lot of hesitancy towards applying to apartments is that right now I don’t have a full-time job. When you freelance it can feel a lot harder to secure an apartment, it’s doable, but can feel harder. This apartment is a teeny bit more expensive than my current apartment, which feels a bit silly to me, but I’m just crossing fingers that they don’t up the rent 10% every year like they do in my LA apartment. I could see this apartment being the place I live in and truly start my *adult* life.

Over the past few years, I have tried out so many different interior decor styles, and I feel like I finally found my groove that feels authentic to me. I’ve tried a more minimalist Japandi style, which is so gorgeous, but I always ended up feeling a little bit like I was constantly *trying* to make it work versus it was flowing through me easily (bit of a metaphor for how I felt while living in LA actually). In the past few months, I have leaned into more of a cottage-like style. I’m not really sure exactly how I would classify my style, but I think it’s somewhat of a mix of coastal grandmother/Scandi beach house/English cottage.

My goal with this next apartment is to live in it fully and truly make it feel like a home, not just a temporary apartment living situation. I’m getting myself very excited and it’s not even confirmed yet, but this is how much I feel that it is just meant to be. I’m excited to take you along on this journey of decorating this new space, and this next chapter.

Knock on wood that this blog post doesn't jinx anything, wish me luck!



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