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Week of June 19th - Things I'm oozing over

Welcome to series which you can think of as a a field notes to my whats been inspiring me, but its really just a recap of articles, videos, shops, images, etc that have caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

No. 1 - Stripes

Stripes on furniture, striped furniture, stripes on sheets, stripes on clothes... I have really been into stripes (and yes, I do feel like a 3rd grader when I say that). ps that first chair is called the "Studio Chair - ROSE" -- hellooooooo, if thats not a sign i'm not sure what is! ps ps -- I did recently get stripped bedding (see second photo) and I am in love with it, it's linked here if you'd like to grab the sets I got!

No. 2 - Lulu and Georgia

I have been really gushing over these bolster pillows from Lulu and Georgia x Sarah Sherman Samuel, along with their extremely cute table and desk lamps. Fun fact: I interviewed with them years ago for a graphic design position and got the job, but ended up going in another direction that I thought better suited what I needed at that time. I kick myself every day because looking back I think I would have been extremely happy there. Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right? (or at least that's what I'm telling myself).

No. 3 - Sommer (candleholders)

Ok, all things on Sommer are ooz-worthy, but specifically oozing over these funky candlestick holders. I feel like they would set the theme for any dinner party, or even any room? They would at least be a statement piece in any room as opposed to just something holding the candle. Are they more than I want to spent on a candlestick holder? Yes. Does that make me enjoy that it exists any less? No.

No. 4 - Window Treatments

I recently added blackout shades to my bedroom and while they're incredibly dull and make my room look a little washed out, I've been getting better consistent sleep the last few days than I've had in months, so they're staying. However, now that I know I want them to stay, this has got me on the hunt for blackout curtains that are effective x not an eye sore. I'm yet to find them, but while on my hunt I have stumbled upon very dreamy, not black-outshade-y at all, curtains that I think are insanely fabulous. The little trim detail and the lovely earthy tones are just *chefs kiss*.

No. 5 - Sconces

Continuing the theme of a cute detailed trim, I have really been loving these sconces. I think the base being wood instead of the commonly seen brass is very cozy cute, yet still also really elevated. And then the detailed shade with the scalloped shape and black rim is quite cute. I think they could work well as reading sconces in the bedroom to cozy things up.

No. 6 - This Article

So, not so much "oozing" over this article per say, but I did find it extremely validating as it outlined 2023 interior design trends that I thought would happen too (along with my Emily Gilmore theory, IYKYK), are currently happening (seeing as it's already almost the end of June) and that I'm really into. Specifically: the color, personalization, and deeper wood tones... my beloved dark wood coffee table thanks you (although I'll always have a soft spot for a nice light oak). I also have something in the works with Revival that will further aid to my participation in these trends that you can expect to see more of late July/early August.

xx, until next week



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