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Week of June 12th - Things I'm oozing over

I'm starting a new little series, I'm thinking of it as a a field notes to my whats been inspiring me, but its really just a recap of articles, videos, shops, images, etc that have caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

No. 1 - LoQ

All objects on LoQ are so stunning. Was introduced to this brand via a tiktok creator that I adore, @rotiibrown.

Some of my favorite pieces from LOQ are: the Nalini Champagne Flute & White Wine Glass. All of their candles and soaps look lucious, this tall cake stand is stunning, the Lola Bowls would be amazing for serving or using on a coffee table, and I'm a sucker for an iron candle holder.

No. 2 - Fairytale Cottage

An article I dove deep into this week was a feature in House and Garden exploring this beautiful fairy-like cottage with interiors by Emma Ainscough.

No. 3 - Lucy Williams

I have followed Lucy on tiktok for a while now and absolutely adore everything she posts (hellooo recent trip to Greece! all those recaps and stories were stunning). I recently found her home IG account and have fallen in love with not only her house, but the homes she features on her account as well.

No. 4 - Textured Lampshades

I recently thrifted a mini wrought iron lamp base and have been looking for a lampshade to cap it with and went down a rabbit hole of textured lampshades. Now I have a new obsession with textured, patterned, and funky shape lampshades (side note, who knew lampshades could be so expensive!).

No. 5 - Wavy Headboards

These are just so cool, I don't think I need to say much more. One day I will invest in a wavy headboard!

Pictured below: lucywilliamshome , lucy.m.montgomery, Beatrix Bedhead via Gaudions

No. 6 - Peonies

Last but not least, peonies have really been making my heart swoon lately! Below is a pic of the beautiful Trader Joes peonies ($10?!?!?! deal) I bought myself on Sunday. Whenever I treat myself to flowers (becoming more often than not lately) I think "$10 for flowers? ugh it's kinda a lot for flowers... it's not like i need them." but then i buy them anyway and throughout the week they bring me SO much joy that by the time they're wilting I think to myself "it was only $10 for these flowers!!! they brought me so much joy... its always so worth it."

I've been trying to think of things like that, things that are able to bring that much joy, as necessities rather than as special treats because in the long run they really aren't that expensive and they do make my week immesuribily better. My joy is a necessity, so therefore flowers are now a necessity.

xx, until next week




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