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Favorite Monterey Hike

Updated: Jan 16

Since moving out of the city I have gotten outside much more. Not to say that there weren't opportunities to get outside while living in the city, however, I felt very trapped because I was so anxious about driving in the city and I felt contained to my little bubble. Now though, I feel so empowered (and very lucky) to explore all the nature around me.

One of my favorite hikes, about 20 minutes away, is the Soberanes Canyon Trailhead. I've gone twice since living here and each time I find myself saying "oh my god" out loud the whole trail. It feels like a fairy forest secret garden redwood magical land. With all the rains lately it's been extra green and the river that runs through the entire trail has been full and rushing.

If you find yourself visiting the Monterey or Big Sur area I really recommend this hike! If you go, please remember to treat the trail with kindness. That means picking up and packing out anything you bring with you on the trail, not taking anything from the trail, and not going off trail. We are so lucky to experience beautiful nature like this, so please leave it as you see it (or even better, if you do see trash please pick it up and take it with you even if it's not yours).

Until next time,

xx Rose


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