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So much of our experience on earth does come from within. It comes from our mind, it comes from how we go about handling certain situations.

Quote/image credit: Pinterest, please let me know if you know who this quote is!

I think this is especially true when we’re stuck in a situation that is NOT something we want to be in, because it seems like the world is against us. Although we can’t control some factors of our life, we CAN control our mindset. We can control how we choose to react, and it’s within those reactions of our mindset and our actions that can determine how we will move through life. Maybe it's with ease, maybe it's not. Maybe it is sometimes, and maybe we lose our grip throughout other seasons of life. Lucky for us we're human and we don't have to be perfect (there's no such thing).

Although I agree with the quote above, for anyone going through a hard time that quote can really feel like a true gut punch. I think quotes like that can have a tendency to make us feel badly about our negative emotions. I don't think we should (or can) be always 100% happy (hellooooo toxic positivity). It's good and healthy to experience all emotions. We need to experience anger, frustration, and sadness... experiencing those feelings are tools, they tell us what we do and don't like. They allow us opportunity to figure out how we can maybe change our circumstances.

Quote/image credit: Pinterest, please let me know if you know who this quote is!

Those emotions are only dangerous when they always eat up over 50% of our cup, when they guide our everyday, when they consume us. We need them as gut checks, but we don't need them to rule us.

If we're able to see emotions as tools > all consuming identity, we're able to take back our mindset... and our life.


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