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Keeping your blooms happy

Sharing a few tips I've picked up over the years to keep your cut flowers happy, only qualifications being I've tried and tested these and my name is a flower haha.

  1. When you first buy your flowers, give the stems a fresh cut. You want to do this at an angle. I'm not sure why, but you do! It just makes the flower happier (I'm sure there's science behind it).

  2. When trimming, scissors are fine if they're what you have (or are super sharp), however if you can use a sharp knife thats even better! This gives the stem a really clean cut which the flowers will appreciate more.

  3. Before plopping them into a vase with water and flower food (or copper penny), make sure to remove any leaves that will be touching the water. If left on, the water will get gunky quicker and the flowers will wilt faster.

  4. After a few days of enjoying your blooms, give them a fresh trim on their stems, remove anything wilting, and give them some fresh water/flower food.

  5. If after giving them a little cut and they're now too short for their vase, split up the bouquet into smaller vases and trim them to the smaller vase size. Voila! New arrangements!

Happy arranging!





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