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How I "made" my couch

I've covered a bit about my couch in previous blog posts, but since I have recently seen an uptick in questions on how exactly I layered it, this post will be dedicated to going over that in detail.

Before I dive in, there is always someone who says "OMG THAT COUCH IS GORGEOUS WHY DID YOU COVER IT UP?!?!?!" To anyone who wants to shout at me from behind their screen, in the words of Taylor Swift, you need to calm down. 1) it is my home, i'll do what i want, in your home you can do what you want. 2) the couch was one of the first items i got for my space, I found it at a local thrift shop at 1/2 off. As someone who is on a budget decorating this space that 1/2 off looked real nice. I sat down and the couch was comffffffy as heck. It was also the right size for my space. The only thing that wasn't workin for me was the dark red. While yes, it's a pretty pattern, the dark red was too dark for the vibe I wanted in my space. So instead of leaving it at the store for them to toss in the junkyard (thats usually what happens after they hang onto it for a while and no on grabs it), I decided I would save this piece by reupholstering it in a way that is not permanent so that I can either change my mind later and/or when I replace it it will have been perfectly preserved for someone who does want the dark red floral pattern. In my mind it's a win win. I saved furniture from the junk yard and I got a super comfy couch for $65. Now that I've defended myself to the people of the internet... I can get on to the main point of this post.

I tried a few different methods of covering until I figured out a way that worked for the shape of this couch, so chances are, unless you have this exact same style of couch, my exact method might not work perfectly and you will likely have to fuss a bit here and there until you find what works for you. Nonetheless, here is what I did in the end:

  1. I first tried the drop cloth method, which I didn't like the look of, so I returned the drop cloths to Home Depot and gathered up linens that I already owned. I really wanted a clean cozy beach feel so I went with white and neutral linens (luckily I had a lot of those laying around).

  2. After I gathered up my materials, I started playing around with it. What worked best in the end was to remove the bottom cushion then drape a small mudcloth over one arm of the couch and a blanket over the other, and a big linen sheet over the back of the couch. Before adding the top cushion back on, I added a spare white curtain panel to the bottom to give it a layered look.

  3. Once the "foundation" was covered, I added two white fitted sheets over the main cushion (you could do just one, but the linen was see through for me so I layered two).

  4. After the couch was covered I added pillows and throw blankets to tie it all together and add some pops of blue and pattern.

If you're more of a visual person, here's a video to show what I did. Not everything is linkable since I just used what I had on hand, but for the items that are, they are linked here.

Hopefully that was helpful! As always feel free to message me with any questions or a topic you'd like to see me cover next.

Until then,

xx Rose


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