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chickpea quesadilla

This is so filling and SO good. Can meal prep the base and then munch on throughout the week! Follow below or watching tiktok here.

What you'll need:

  • corn tortillas

  • radish

  • save the radish leaves and use those too, or greens of your choosing

  • canned chickpeas

  • seasoning (i used trader joes onion salt)

  • cheese (i used ricotta)

  • pickled onion as a topper (optional)

What you do:

  • Add sliced radish and leaves (or alt greens) to a buttered pan on medium heat

  • add chickpeas

  • after cooked, transfer to a bowl

  • rebutter the pan and start heating up your tortillas

  • add seasoning & ricotta (or alt cheese) to bowl of chickpeas

  • mush it all together

  • add mush to tortilla and cook until crispy/done

  • add pickled onion on top

  • all done!



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