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back to the ocean

This audio ("maybe you just need to go back to the ocean") is trending over on tiktok and it's made me reflect about the times when going to the ocean or just getting out in nature really was all I needed. I think being in our individual boxes so much of the time we can forget that we're really part of something much larger than just ourselves.

Going back to the ocean, or to the mountains, or to the lakes, somewhere with vast nature, reminds us that there's so much more out there. Makes us question “is the thing I'm stressing about actually all that important?” To remind us of all there is to be grateful for. To connect with the bigger picture.

But when we can't get out there, just feel like being a homebody, or are taking a burrowing season, I like to keep reminders of nature at home.. whether it's a token (don't take too many shells, rocks, etc, but one or two is ok if the beach/area doesn't have any restrictions about it) or a painting or a picture… to sit as a reminder to breathe and reset. To remind me that there's so much natural beauty out there. That if we sit and notice and reflect and be, rather than do, that we might be reminded that we're part of that beautiful bountiful nature that we admire so much. That we don't have to always "do" or plan or stress or or or or... that we can just exist, as does so much else of nature out there.


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