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Tunitas CA

Tunitas Cannabis Advisory is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the commercial cannabis industry, with a focus on competitive license acquisition and regulatory compliance. Helping Lauren bring her vision into the world was not something I took lightly. Tunitas CA  had been brewing for years and we wanted to make sure the branding got the professionalism it deserved, while keep a California cool to it as well.


Web Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Photographer Pairing

Email Marketing

Social Media Advisory


Tunitas CA



Working with Lauren was a blast -- she has such knowledge and passion behind what she does. Never too late to learn a little something new.

Working together felt like a breeze, she was able to let me know what made sense on her end and I was able to let her know what made sense from a design perspective.


Behind the Logo

When creating the logo we wanted it to be clear as to what the company was, but with a little added flair without going overboard. We chose to incorporate geometric design because it held close to Lauren personally, as well as a nod to the mathematics in the cannabis leaf and industry as a whole.

More of Tunitas here.

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