tramp it out

If ya wanna sweat buckets and have 20 minutes

Quick mood boost to get out of a negative brain funk

Add on trampoline ab routine

Heart rate and plyo work

Sweaty cardio

Goofy (sweaty) cardio

if you need reasons

It's fun


You can do it at home or outside​ (please don't do at home if you have downstairs neighbors though)

Quick way to get heart rate up and really sweat

Uses muscles that have been put on hold with traditional workouts

Low impact workout

Reduces cellulite

Almost any age can partake (consult with doctor if concerned)

Flushes toxins

Sheds excess weight

50% more effective for fat burning and cardio vascular training than running (according to NASA)

Great pelvic floor workout

10 minutes on the tramp is equal to about 30-40 min running


Prevents osteoporosis and arthritis by building bone density (-Lauren Roxburgh)

Can work arms, legs, core, cardio+ in one workout

Releases negative energy

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