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While working at ThirdLove I established social content guidelines and expectations from ground zero. I worked to turn ThirdLove's social accounts into social first platforms utilizing bespoke, platform specific content (across IG/TT/etc) rather than repurposing whatever content was on hand. A few examples of this are: implementing lofi/relatable content, introducing video to the platforms, creating relatable memes to the target market, continuing quote creation, and creating community building stories daily.

I expanded my toolkit by working with the Social Media Coordinator to help plan content strategy for campaign and category launches, being behind the camera on set and location, and editing to bring the assets live.


Social Media Design




2021 - present


At a glance

Working full time as ThirdLove's Social Media Designer, I created (and implemented) reels, shot LoFi at editorial location and studio shoots, helped strategize campaign content, helped with copy, created on daily posts and stories, helped scout location for shoots, had multiple social shoots with the co-founders/CEO and chief creative officer, and much more.


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