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Surf Far is an environmentally friendly wetsuit and Coastal lifestyle brand based on the Coastline of New York. Surf Far asked us (me and my creative pal Cass) to further their brand identity by creating custom photography in Sri Lanka to expand their target market reach. We also created personalized illustrations which enhanced the community feeling for Surf Far's social media presence.


Photography & Styling


Surf Far



surf far


illustrations on social media

If you've been on Instagram for more than a few years, you may have noticed the rise in illustration celebration on your feed. Personal and brand accounts have utilized the rise in digital illustration to enhance their presence and livelihood on social media. With illustration, it's possible to create content from just a conversation or idea. Maybe you're located in New York but need a desert scene for your next post, what's more cost and eco effective? Flying a team to Joshua Tree or working with an illustrator to create a few warm toned pieces? Pushing past cost, it also adds a human touch that was developed personally for you.

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