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Ripe Skin

Made only from skin-loving plants grown sustainably in California + Hawaii, Ripe Skin's mission is to remind us that we are all nature and that that is something to celebrate. Ripe asked me to create a minimalistic custom package design that matched the minimal ingredient skin care line. It was important to the founder that the packaging was environmentally friendly and any design made could be printed on glass seeing as they were not going to use plastic packaging. Working closely with a screen printing company, I worked through the holidays and was able to deliver the package design before our tight deadline. Ripe asked me to stick around for a while and further their brand identity with graphics and illustration help.



Package Design

Graphic Design

Photo Styling & Assistance


Ripe Skin



ripe skin

Kind Words

As the "Brand Alchemist" for RIPE Skin, Rose took the intangible and turned our vision into a visibly cohesive and clear brand we felt confident to bring to market. It was very easy to communicate an idea to Rose and quickly receive designs/deliverables that I felt represented our brand well. She speaks design and has a seemingly endless ability to create, all the while staying on timelines. Rose's skill was what initially intrigued us, it was her personality and charisma that ended up solidifying our relationship and gratitude for having her on our team. She showed up, eager to build a brand with equally infectious excitement (even on a Monday). She's a great team player and we would recommend her to anyone. 

Cass Cleave

Freelance Photographer, Creative Director at Sea Hugger, Co-Founder of RIPE Skin.

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info illos

Getting information to your customers in a way that's fun to look at as well as informational is a win-win in our books.

Using illustration, instead of or in addition to photography, is a fun way brands can get creative with their messaging. Creating something that is 100% unique to your brand is a unique way to communicate your authenticity and goal message.

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