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Pottery Product Shoot

Creating a south of France bohemian feel in my backyard in Oregon was a task I was excited to tackle. Luckily enough, the weather cooperated and I was able to get a few shots, that with a bit of editing, would create that fresh farm feeling.



Graphic Design


Rose Zilber



local artisans

Using what I had at home, a linen cloth, some fresh fruit, and a wicker tray made this pottery have a whole backstory. Using minimal materials to create a noteworthy scene is a beautiful (and cost effective) way to keep the focus on what matters. 

- Rose

keep it simple

Neutral pallets, fresh fruit props, direct sunlight, these are music to my ears.

daydream studios - WORDS-12.jpg
daydream studios - WORDS-13.jpg
daydream studios - WORDS-11.jpg
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