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similar options to my coffee table

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be scrolling Craigslist when I stumbled upon the coffee table that has been used and loved for the last, almost, 4 years. Whenever someone asks where it's from my answer has always been "thrifted it years ago, originally from Pottery Barn!" and they always reply with "dang what a lucky find," and yes it was a very lucky find. I do realize though that not everyone has time or access to thrift stores (and even if you do it doesnt mean you'll get lucky!) so I'm linking a few options below that are either a similar style, or a style that I would consider buying now if I didn't have the table I currently have.

If you DO have time and access to thrifting, here are some key words I would suggest using while you search: live edge, real wood, all wood, reclaimed wood, waterfall edge, solid wood, handcrafted.

I'll side note that yes, these are much more expensive than thrifting, but that is one of the trade offs! If you can thrift in your area I totally recommend it, but if you can't and you're open to investing in a lifelong piece, I think below could be some great options:

SUNDAYS - drop in coffee table

  1. ETSY - For a smaller space, I love this white oak clean cut Japandi table

  2. ETSY - Nice reclaimed wood option

  3. ETSY - Beautifully crafted and looks really sturdy

  4. JAPANDI - everson coffee table

  5. SUNDAYS - All we need coffee table (I love this table so much)

  6. SUNDAYS - drop in coffee table (again, so good)

  7. WEST ELM - Round up of some good options:

  8. Joined Base Rectangle Coffee Table

  9. Cannellini Nesting Coffee Tables

  10. Organic Modular Table

  11. Roland Coffee Table

  12. Mixed Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table (good option for a smaller space)

SUNDAYS - All we need coffee table

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