Quarantine Crafts

Increasing boredom during covid-19 isolation, plus my need to be creatively fueled has led me to some fun projects with things I had around the house. Since we're stuck inside without many sites to see, I felt like refreshing artwork around the house was an easy way to stimulate the brain. I started changing out framed artwork for magazine articles I'd dog eared in the past. A few other fun ideas to change up artwork:

- go on a walk, gather flowers or leaves, press them under books, come back after a week and voila, pressed flowers! lightly glue them to paper cut to the size of your frame and you have some new, free, eco friendly artwork.

- draw or paint something if you have the materials... let the emotions flow or follow some inspo.

- if you have magazines laying around but arent crazy about any of the articles title pages, cut out things you do like and collage together a masterpiece of your own.

- if you dont already have paint, you can create natural water color with things you'll find in the kitchen like turmeric or cinnamon. You can also make mud paint with different sediments mixed with water!

Another project I dived into was tie dying with natural ingredients. I just messed around with tie dying in a pot with whatever natural dye I had at home (turmeric, coffee grounds, and avocado seeds & peels! There are certain steps you’re supposed to take that I definitely did not because I didn’t have everything at home (like steeping in vinegar), and it still semi worked out.

There are so many other natural resources you may have around the house to use, but these are what I had! Give Pinterest a quick search for a plethora of articles on how to go about this.

© 2020 Rose Zilber