Looks gross, tastes good

Super easy nutritious lunch in a cup! Great for days when I dont know what to eat and don't have much of an appetite (not often haha). Can be treated as a mid day snack too!


- big handful of frozen banana pieces (previously cut up)

- small handful of mixed nuts

- spoonful of chia seeds

- spoonful of cacao powder (not coco powder)

- handful of spinach

- water

Blend up and enjoy! I topped mine off with strawberries and hemp seeds.


- bananas: I like the taste, they thicken the smoothie, are great for digestion and you can find a ton more reasons why bananas are great here.

- nuts: instead of using peanut butter (which you can), I opted for a nut blend today because 1) I am almost out of peanut butter, and 2) more benefits with a nut variety

- chia seeds: chia seeds are great because they hold water which keeps you hydrated for longer, they also have a good amount of fiber, protein and good fats. Find out more here.

- cacao powder: 1) makes it taste like chocolate, 2) and for some health benefits like decreased inflammation, improved heart and brain health, blood sugar and weight control and healthy teeth and skin. -healthline

- spinach: get your dark leafy greens in!!

- water: hydration and needs liquid to mix the smoothie, can also use almond milk but water is free and tastes just as good!

- strawberries: for extra sweetness/flavor and health benefits from the fruit like vitamin C and fibers.

- hemp seeds: great protein source for vegetarians, so I load these into smoothies and salads all the time.

© 2020 Rose Zilber