healthy shots

I'm not the first to mix these ingredients together that's for sure, but that's because they're such an amazing immunity building mix. During the 2020 pandemic there is a lot of talk about staying healthy, for good reasons, so I started mixing a batch of this up storing for a few days and taking a shot every day. I always had a bit more energy after I did too. Not sure if that was a placebo thing, an added bonus, or the ginger kicking in asap.


- fresh ginger chunks (can also use freeze dried ginger or ginger powder if that's what you have, but freshly cut is best!)

- a spoonful of turmeric (powder or fresh)

- a bit of ground pepper (activates turmeric)

- cup or two of almond milk or water

Blend and chill in fridge. Take a shot everyday (dont drink as a smoothie).


- ginger: there are many benefits of ginger (like anti-diabetic properties, helps relieve stomach pain, and may can help relieve period paints) but the main reasons I like it are for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. I used to not be able to handle the taste, but now I look forward to it. If you're not a fan I think this is a great way to get the benefits without elongating the taste... shot, chaser, done and done.

- turmeric: like ginger, there are many benefits for turmeric as well, but the main reason I like it is for it's immune boosting qualities.

- ground pepper: I add this in because it helps activate the turmeric.

- almond milk / water: gotta have a liquid! If you like it more milky/diluted go with almond (or whatever) milk, if you like it stronger flavored (and free) go with water.

I'm not a nutritionist so please dont take my recipe as advice for medical needs, this is something I do as a personal immunity boost and if it works for you too then that's awesome! Please check with your doctor as needed if you have a restrictive diet.

© 2020 Rose Zilber