Greener way to shop on Amazon

We're all guilty of a bit of online shopping, when doing so here are a few tips to make it a bit more positive for our Planet when we've got to place an order online.

When shopping on Amazon switch from to (same products and service) and Amazon will make a donation to World Wildlife Fund.

To reduce plastic waste, follow the steps below (or watch this video) to opt out of extra waste:

1. Go to or

2. Open your side bar in the top left corner near the Amazon logo

3. Scroll to the bottom and click on "customer service"

4. Next scroll to "Browse Help Topics" and click on "Contact Us"

5. Begin chat and type "speak to an associate" if one doesn't automatically pop up.

6. Type your own message or paste in the following one that I used: Hello (associates name). Please make all future orders on my account plastic-free with minimal packaging. When materials are absolutely necessary, please use only degradable packaging materials like paper. Thank you!

7. They should respond with a message like "Thanks for your feedback. I will let the packaging department know about your preference." or "Hi (name), we are working in phases on this issue. We will let you know when this phase is complete for your account."

8. Voila! Thank them and close out the chat.

Have any other Amazon tips? Drop them in the comments below.

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