Fave routines:

Reson for tramps:

  • It's fun and inexpensive

  • You can do it at home or outside​ (please don't do at home if you have downstairs neighbors though)

  • Quick way to get heart rate up and really sweat

  • Uses muscles that have been put on hold with traditional workouts

  • Low impact workout

  • Reduces cellulite & Sheds excess weight

  • Almost any age can partake (consult with doctor if concerned)

  • Flushes toxins

  • 50% more effective for fat burning and cardio vascular training than running (according to NASA)

  • Great pelvic floor workout

  • 10 minutes on the tramp is equal to about 30-40 min running

  • Prevents osteoporosis and arthritis by building bone density (-Lauren Roxburgh)

  • Can work arms, legs, core, cardio+ in one workout

  • Releases negative energy

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