Celebrating the colorful fruits and veggies, Nomad cafe offers healthy, refreshing dishes to help you either further relax or rejuvenate after a long day of heat in Sri Lanka. Nomad Cafe asked me to create an enticing website to keep their business up to date as well as to stand out among the booming businesses along the south coast of Sri Lanka. With updated photography, a new menu design, and revamped site, I was happy to hear their needs were met!


Web Design

Graphic Design

Photo Styling & Assistance


Nomad Sri Lanka



Working on-site in Sri Lanka with the owners of Nomad Cafe, we learned about the behind the scenes of owning a cafe, became friends with the lovely Sri Lankan staff, and tried many many tasty dishes.

Creating a site that was true to the thoughtful, lively and nomadic atmosphere of the cafe was without a doubt a fun and highly caffeinated project (the coffee was so good!).

social media graphics.jpg

All in the details

Working on-site provided me the creative ability to tap into other areas of branding that we could help with on the fly. Turning Nomad's Instagram story highlights from busy photos to clean line illustrations is just one example of this!

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