health in a shot

fresh ginger chunks

turmeric (powder or fresh)

ground pepper (activates turmeric

almondmilk or water

blend and chill in fridge 

take a shot everyday (dont drink as a smoothie)

granola bowl

handful of frozen or fresh berries (any or a mix)

toss of granola (I like "just the clusters" from Trader Joes

1 spoonful of helpseeds

1 spoonful of chia seeds

almond milk to preference

getchur greens

big bowl full of arugula + any other greens of choice

2 table spoons of hemp seeds (for protein)

a dash of "goddess" dressing from Trader Joes (vegan)

Mix well and enjoy!

veg masala salad

big bowl full of arugula + kale

massage in dressing with hands

few nuts

few dried fruits

avo if you have it

hemp seeds

cook and cut up vegetable masala burger from trader joes

"choco croissant"

toast up a slice of sourdough bread

melt semi sweet or dark chocolate chips

spread chocolate over toast

top with a few salt chunks


vegan creamy pasta sauce

diced tomatoes in a pan

add garlic (fresh or powder)

onion salt if wanted

salt and pepper

let simmer

in a separate bowl mix hummus and almond milk

stir well and add to sauce

add red wine (optional)

simmer for a while/while pasta cooks

can sub in any spices, this is just what I had

choc smoothie

frozen banana

spoon of cacao powder

spoon of chocolate protein powder (optional)

nut butter

almond milk

spinach if you want some greens (doesnt change taste)

blend and enjoy!

© 2020 Rose Zilber