Specializing in Brand Development, Graphic Design, Visual Content Creation and Positive Impact within society and the world around us.

Daydream Studios is a creative design studio founded on principles of freedom to adventure and do goodery. We travel for projects (or for fun), work quickly and efficiently, and create a strong relationship with our clients. We believe in the feeling/thought "I can't believe I get to call this work" and with that comes passion for projects and commitment to deliver the goods. We create strong, lively, and distinct brand identities that hold a positive impact in our fast paced world. 

For every  4 projects, we take on one project pro bono for a non-profit or local business trying to make a positive change in our world. If you have an organization or business close to your heart, please submit a message here with a bit more information on how you think Daydream Studios can help.

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About Daydream

Rose Zilber

 LA based Multidisciplinary Creative

I believe that when people create together for the bettering of those around us, we can create something so powerful that people won't be able to help themselves but come see what it's all about. So let's create with bold ideas, turn over new stones, get our hands messy, explore what we're capable of and turn daydreams into realities (cheesy, I know).

In my free time you can find me working on personal design projects, driving way out of my way to try out a new coffee house, reorganizing rooms in the house, hiking, traveling or flipping through coffee table books.

Cass Cleave

Bay Area Based Photographer

Many of the portraits you've seen in projects on the site were taken by Cass. Not only does she have an eye to create magic and capture people in their best self, but she has a way of interacting with people while behind the camera that makes shooting a breeze (we see you camera shy fellas). If you're located in the Bay Area -- she is your go to gal for photos!


In Cass's free time she's a wave wanderer, architect studier, and coffee house hunter. 

To see more of her photography, here's her portfolio.


Brand Design & Development, Graphic Design, Creative Copywriting, Photography & Staging, Print & Web, Website Design, Bespoke Brand Eco Ideas & Pop Up or Event Design.

Selected Clients

- Blooming Pixel Creatives

- Tunitas CA

- Pacific Coast Integrative Health

- She's Hungry

- Mellow Hostel

- Nomad Sri Lanka

- Wild Ivy

- BB Photography

- Fox & Glove

- Ripe Skin

- Sea Hugger

- Soulbase Magazine

- Reverie Event Design

- Saltwater Bakery

- AA Woodworking