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Christine Olson Gedye is a Northwest landscape painter known for her luminous, atmospheric paintings of the region’s parks, trees, and waterways. As an antidote to the cacophony of modern life, she specializes in images that convey the richness of simplicity, space and contemplation. Chris and I went over social media management and content curation ideation, designed marketing tools for her 2019 show "Stillness," developed a bespoke MailChimp template and landing page she can reuse for future shows.


Social Media Coaching

Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Website Design & Assistance


Chris Gedye



chris gedye


Behind the Scenes

Looking through her studio, I was able to show Chris some great #bts shots for her social media page that her fans would love to see! Getting to know a little bit about the process and what goes into the final painting is something so many people itch for in our face paced instant world.

Chris Gedye (RGB)-07.jpg

2019 show poster

Sticking to Christine's classic soft style, we created a few posters for her to post up around Seattle, WA.

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